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Since 1983, TOCCO Building Systems has forged an outstanding reputation as a leader in critical power systems, data center projects and electrical construction. With our talented design staff, TOCCO has effectively furnished data centers for MIT Lincoln Labs, MITRE Corporation, GTech, ISO New England, and BOSE. Our expert field personnel have implemented data facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, Virginia Beach and Southern California.

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Data Center Projects Overview

Health Insurance Provider

First of three data center redundancy and efficiency upgrades. At the customer's request, TOCCO Building Systems redesigned an operational 1N info structure to fully 2N configuration. This project includes:

  • Using power for the B side service from an existing B side substation
  • One 500 kVA UPS system
  • 1000 kW second generator
  • Dual feed all the existing HVAC equipment
  • New B side PDU's
  • New B side distribution System throughout the existing up–and–running data center
  • Removal of the old unused distribution under the raised floor
  • Maintenance and testing of the entire electrical system for the complex
  • Arc Flash and Coordination Study for entire complex

Data Management Company

TOCCO Building Systems was asked to install an entire B side distribution without interruption to the existing Data Center. This brings the UPS and Generator partition of the Data Center to a 2N configuration from the old 1N. This design included:

  • New 4000 amp service
  • New 500 kW UPS system
  • New PDU's and power distribution under the raised floor
  • 2 backup generators to run the building while the 14kV power was being worked on
  • Dual feed all the existing HVAC systems
  • Site Scan upgrade
  • New EPO system
  • This entire upgrade took place without shutting down the existing Data Center


Government Data Center

Located within a secure government facility, this project required all on-site TOCCO employees to be registered and approved by the Federal Government. As one of the only Design/Build improvements to this site the project consisted of a 5,000 sq ft raised floor high density data center. Other aspects of the project scope include:

  • Design and installation of a 3000 kVA 15 kV substation including all associated 15 kV wiring and testing
  • Two 1 MW UPS systems wired in a 2N configuration
  • 2000 kW generator
  • Complete HVAC wiring utilizing two drycooler farms
  • Addressable fire detection system interfacing with existing system
  • Power shutdown EPO systems
  • Certified grounding system
  • Complete design and construction of EMS monitoring system


New England Power Regulation Co.

Designed to provide complete redundancy, this project included two mirrored data centers within the same facility, separated by a fire-rated wall. Built to comply with Tier 4 requirements, the design included:

  • Two 4000 amp services
  • Two 2000 kW generators with closed transition electronic software
  • Double ended switchboards with a tie control system
  • Two 1 MW UPS systems
  • HVAC Wiring in a 2N configuration with a STS in each HVAC system
  • Two 2N drycooler farms
  • A 4000 SqFt Network Operations Center including an 80 ft by 20 ft tall plasma wall
  • Five EPO systems
  • A complete monitoring system relative to the Johnson Controls EMS


Cellular Technology Co.

A challenging project - TOCCO provided design and construction of a new Telco style data center for this rapidly growing company. Within sixty days of completion, the new facility was filled to capacity. TOCCO has furnished two subsequent data room expansions and is currently involved in the planning of future improvements. The project scope to date includes:

  • 3000 amp 480 volt service
  • 600 kVA normal power distribution
  • Installation of a 4000 amp DC power supply with two 150 amp DC feeds to each rack
  • conventional power provided for equipment within the data center
  • Addressable fire detection system interfacing with existing system
  • Double feed to all HVAC equipment
  • Inergen under raised floor
  • Power shutdown EPO Systems
  • Certified grounding system

Tier 3 Fully Redundant Data Center

TOCCO Building Systems was contracted to design, supervise and supply major switch gear for the proposed new construction of this Tier 3 Data Center. Due to the magnitude of this project scope, TOCCO provided quality assurance throughout construction to ensure the integrity of this extensive design including:

  • Network communications between three campus buildings via 25,000 ft of 4 inch PVC
  • 4000 amp 480 volt service
  • 2000 kW generator
  • Two 750 kVA UPS systems
  • Complete A B power distribution
  • Separate satellite UPS systems and distribution
  • Double feed to all HVAC equipment
  • Two NOC's
  • Pre-Action sprinter system
  • Inergen under raised floor
  • Vesda early detection above ceiling in plenum
  • Four EPO systems