Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

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As an authorized dealer of Siemens Fire Alarm systems, TOCCO is committed to delivering nothing but the best in quality and performance with the most advanced fire alarm technology available today. Whether you need basic fire alarm service and monitoring for a small thousand square foot facility or you require a complete engineered addressable fire alarm system, with voice evacuation, designed and installed for a high rise structure, TOCCO Fire Alarm & Security Integration is your solution!

In addition to being an authorized Siemens Dealer, we service all brands of fire alarm systems and offer 24 Hour Monitoring at our UL Central Station partner. Click here for more details on our Monitoring Services, or scroll down to see more fire alarm services.

Siemens Fire Control Products

24 Hour Emergency Service

Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems never sleep. They operate 24 hours a day and may require service at any time. TOCCO Fire Alarm & Security Integration’s skilled and experienced staff is available to address those needs whenever they may occur. Our factory trained, certified and licensed Emergency Response Team members will implement all necessary steps within the scope of applicable NFPA Code to ensure your system is restored to normal with minimal downtime.

Test & Inspect

With the growing complexities of today’s Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems and ever changing code requirements, it is imperative all Fire Alarm Systems are properly tested and inspected in accordance with NFPA 72. At TOCCO Fire Alarm & Security Integration, our Fire Alarm Test & Inspection team’s knowledge of current applicable NFPA Code and Massachusetts 527 & 780 CMRs will ensure your system is within required compliance.



Whether you are a General Contractor, Electrical Contractor or Business Owner, TOCCO Fire Alarm & Security Integration can provide any type of Fire Alarm & Life Safety System installation from basic parts and smarts to full turnkey installations for any size job. Our staff of technicians, installers and engineers will ensure the installation of your Fire Alarm & Life Safety System is completed efficiently, cost effectively, professionally and above all, with superior quality to deliver a finished product.

System Engineering

Do you need an Engineered Fire Alarm System Design with a Professional Engineer’s stamp? TOCCO Fire Alarm & Security Integration’s Design, Build and Engineering Departments can provide a full Professional Engineered Fire Alarm System Design to meet all applicable building, NFPA, NEC and state codes.