Industries Served

Industries Served

Our Philosophy

At TOCCO Building Systems, it is our vision to deliver the small company personal attention every customer deserves. We believe it is our obligation to utilize our large company power and resources to foster a "Customer First" environment. We believe this starts by creating a family atmosphere among our employees promoting enthusiasm and ensuring pride in the work they deliver to our customers. We believe our employees and customers are not just a part of TOCCO, they are TOCCO.

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Data Centers & High-Tech

For over 30 years, TOCCO Building Systems has forged an outstanding reputation as a leader in designing and building data centers all across the Continental United States. We routinely work with Owners and General Contractors to ensure the highest level of quality that we have become known for.

Whether your project is as small as a single whip in a 100 square foot server room, or a full data center covering tens of thousands of square feet, we have the total in-house staff to perform a project of any size. From budgeting through completion, you can count on TOCCO Building Systems to help ensure a successful project.

Institutional & Government

Institutional and Government settings, such as Healthcare, Education, and Municipal Buildings have additional requirements particular to their industry. TOCCO Building Systems has the knowledge and equipment to handle the needs of any size project, from a single room to a multi-building complex.

Renovations in such settings have special requirements, as craftsmen may be working in areas occupied by patients, students, or other people who are not your employees or staff. Also, craftsmen may be working in areas with sensitive data. TOCCO Building Systems has the experienced and professional craftsmen who can perform work in these circumstances.


Multi-Unit Tenement Buildings

Work on Multi-Unit Tenement Buildings, such as Office and Residential Complexes, needs to be completed as efficiently as possible. Every day that goes by is one more day of added expenses or lost revenue, as other arrangements must be made for or by the tenants.

TOCCO Building Systems has the teams of craftsmen with a wide variety of skills to ensure your Electrical Project is completed efficiently, so that you and your tenants can get into your buildings as quickly as possible.


Commercial & Retail

Large commercial enterprises require large open areas, usually with exposed support beams. This type of construction requires additional hardware, such as conduit for electrical lines and hanging lights from the underside of the room support beams.

TOCCO Building Systems has the equipment necessary, and an award-winning safety program and record to ensure these projects are done properly.


Industrial Operations require specialized Power Systems, Material Handling Systems, and Safety Systems designed not only to ensure proper day-to-day operations, but also to prevent an accident becoming a major disaster.

TOCCO Building Systems has recently expanded it’s Fire Alarm and Security Integration team because we take the safety and security of your facility seriously. Coupled with our decades of experience in High Voltage Power Systems, and both Standard and Customized Material Handling Systems, TOCCO Building Systems is your partner for a successful Electrical Project.