Security Integration

Security Integration

Today’s businesses face an ever increasing number of security risks that require multiple solutions ranging from detecting and deterring to live monitoring and event recording. Each of these solutions involves its own unique system such as Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Video Surveillance.

The integration of these solutions dramatically enhances the performance of each system resulting in an increased level of security for your business. In addition, combining the operation and management of the systems into a single operation increases the efficiency of your security management saving you time and money.

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Integrated Security Devices


Using an Alarm Keypad

Securing your property against today's would‑be intruders requires state of the art detection and notification devices. More importantly, the appropriate selection and placement of these devices into a custom designed system is key to securing your property.

Your custom designed system can also include monitoring the status of equipment critical to your business such as refrigeration and temperature control equipment in addition to detecting potential environmental hazards such as abnormal temperatures, water flooding and toxic gases.

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Exterior Dome Camera on Street

Keeping an eye on your property is easy with the right surveillance equipment. Tocco’s sophisticated line of video surveillance products provide a user friendly means for watching over your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you have a manned security office viewing live activity or if you simply wish to record the activity on your property, you can rest assured knowing you have the right tools to address any events that may take place.

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Presenting a Key Card

Maintaining control over who is allowed where and when within your business can be a difficult task without the proper tools. TOCCO’s access control systems allow you to restrict access to areas based on multiple criteria such as time of day, personnel’s authorization level or department team member.

The easy to use management software provided with each of our systems has the flexibility to alter and modify criteria when necessary to accommodate changes in personnel status, department operations or other ongoing modifications within your business.

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Door Intercom

Whether you are looking to screen the general public from entering the lobby of your business, identify delivery personnel at your loading dock door or restricting visitors to guests of specific tenants at a residential complex, there’s a door intercom system to suit your needs.

Door intercom systems provide two way communication with visitors and allow you to remotely unlock the door to grant them access. Some door intercoms have integrated cameras to allow visual identification in addition to the two way communication.

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