Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Modern day electronics and standards have combined all forms of communications into digital data, whether it is for computer and mobile device networking, Voice only, Video, or other data transmission.

Digital data communications require top-notch wiring to run properly, otherwise, your networks will lag and have corruption issues. TOCCO Building Systems has been managing data wiring since 1983, and continues to remain on the cutting edge of wiring technologies to ensure your networks work as intended.

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Wired Data Network Equipment


Most end-use devices still use Copper Communications to connect to data networks. CAT5e and CAT6 may be the standards that most people are familiar with, but data may also travel through other wiring, such as Coaxial (COAX) wires, which commonly provide Internet Access through a Cable Modem.

The quality of copper wiring has greatly increased over the last few decades, but it is still subject to interference from artificial and natural sources. This interference reduces the speed and performance of your networks. TOCCO Building Systems has the knowledge and experience to reduce or eliminate interference before it even occurs.

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Newer technologies take advantage of Fiber Optic communications, which is less prone to interference from artificial and natural sources. However, Fiber Optic wiring is more fragile than Copper wiring, and may perform worse if required repairs are not performed properly. Because of this, Fiber Optics must be installed properly.

TOCCO Building Systems is certified by Lucent and Siecor for Fiber Optics installation and work, so you can be assured of the highest quality of workmanship for your Fiber Optic networks. Take advantage of our training and certifications to improve your networks.

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Your networks need to be ready for anything the future may hold. Your business is a living organization that will need to make changes, and will need it’s networks to change to accommodate your organization’s changes.

Proper Cable Management future-proofs your networks by allowing these changes to occur as easily as possible. Cable Management also keeps your networks clean, allowing them to function with peak efficiency today.

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Any IT Professional who has had to deal with a problematic network device knows how important high-quality, reliable network devices really are. TOCCO Building Systems uses only professional-grade networking equipment, such as Cisco Routers.

Proper installation of Network Devices is equally important. Devices should be securely mounted, whether they are in a rack or on a wall. Combined with Cable Management systems and proper Copper or Fiber Optic wiring, high quality Network Devices are the final link in ensuring your networks perform as intended.

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